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Short pitch to investors

100% recyclable. Not sold but leased out. Thus we retain ownership of our proprietary technology. And ensure that everything is recycled back. 

CTA: looking to invest/OEM?

WineMill’s high level of innovation has been validated through patents for its compact vacuum distillation and blending device and method, with granted patents in the world's 3 largest economies: US, China and Japan, and 42 patents pending.

WineMill won the 2020 World Beverage Innovation
Awards (Best Beverage Innovation). This is the
sector’s leading competition, with judges including
PepsiCo executives, policy advisors, marketing
specialists and technology experts. WineMill beat
279 entries from 25 countries.

United States, US20190322968A1, Filed 11/2017, Granted 11/2021
China: CN109072148B, Filed 11/2017, Granted 07/2020
Japan: JP2020500706A, Filed 11/2017, Granted 04/2022
Australia: AU2017369762A1, Filed 11/2017, Granted 09/2022
Finland: FI20165906L, Filed 11/2016, Granted 08/2018 WIPO: WO2018100247A1, Filed 11/2017, Published 06/2018
Canada: CA3045225A1, Filed 11/2017, Pending
European Union: EP3548596A4, Filed 11/2017, Pending
Korea: KR20190088537A, Filed 11/2017, Pending
India: 201937024512, Filed 06/2019, Pending


Partner/OEM opportunities


CTA: Ready to Invest. Request a pitch.

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